The Mysteries of Freemasonry by Captain William Morgan2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 26 (85% non-fiction)

The Mysteries of Freemasonry by Captain William Morgan was not at all what I expected.  I expected a story of the dark and mysterious world of Freemasonry and the insider secrets including the why and how. There was no story – no why – only how.  The book, published in 1821 was apparently shocking and dramatic when it first came to light, but these days you see more information on the History Channel.

This book was written more like a users manual and step-by-step guide than anything else.

Word for word scripts of the rituals of Freemasonry are the bulk of the book. Sure, there is some basic explanation for some of the ritualistic phrases but this is literally a listing of what is said at each step of the membership’s advancement.

I don’t believe the Freemasons are a hidden society that is secretly running the world from behind the curtain. They are an organization that gives people a chance to gather for friendship, comradery, business and a sense of belonging.  Just as being a graduate of the same college will help in a job interview, being a member or certain organizations too will help build connections and trust.  So what if they have some dramatic rituals that harken back to a less enlightened time, they are not sacrificing babies… they are simply bonding.

This book is not at all entertaining and I found myself skimming large portions of the repetitive parts.  In fact, it felt a little rude to read the wording of things designed to be behind their closed doors.  There is nothing wrong with organizations having their own rituals, handshakes, dances or whatever.  It just seems wrong to expose these private things.

If you’re expecting a shocking expose on how masons rape, murder and pillage on their way to world domination, you will be disappointed. The only section of the book that touched on this was the final few paragraphs that gave an account of the kidnapping and supposed murder of Captain Morgan after publication of these “secrets.”

Chris Doelle