In a trend I have called “Brilliant but canceled” FOX has added another show I like to that list.  Almost Human, the Karl UrbanMichael Ealy cop buddy show set in 2048 was actually smart.  It wasn’t just the special effects (they were hit and miss) but the stories were actually interesting.  The acting was good and it was cast well too.

Almost Human - canceled

It was good to see Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) again as well as Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) who played a goofball nerd.  Oh well, I am sure it will be replaced by some humanity-sickening, evil-promoting or stupidity-enhancing reality show… or maybe just another let’s push another singer out and pretend it we don’t have it scripted music contest.

Just for another blow against decent entertainment.

There is something you can do however, ala the Browncoats movement over Firefly that resulted in that story moving to the big screen, you can sign a petition to save Almost Human from the cancellation heap. has an online petition you can sign with right at 5,000 signature already.  The goal is to have SyFy Network pick up the series.

Chris Doelle