iphone hotspot at&tFresh on the heels of Spotify making their app about 1000% better for uses, AT&T surprised me with an actual good deal.

I walked into AT&T yesterday trying to find out about how to make my iphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.  I just want to see just how much the plan was going to cost.

We’re going to take a trip soon and we have two iPads that don’t have 3G or 4G any of that – just Wi-Fi. If I could turn my phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, then the entire drive the kids will be able to play on the iPads.  What I discovered was not what I expected.

First, I found out that plans had changed – big shocker.  Most the time, when plans change, they try to suck you with some offer but lock you into something longer-term and more expensive.   Well this time AT&T did the right thing!  They not only change their plan to where where I got more.   I went from 900 minutes a month in talk time and unlimited text to unlimited talk and unlimited text.  My data plan went from 2GB to 4GB and I get the Wi-Fi hotspot added to it!   It didn’t cost me $100 bucks more – it didn’t cost me $50 bucks more – it didn’t even cost me $30 bucks more… it cost me $10 LESS each month!

Way to go AT&T!  You know, sometimes they get it right and AT&T has got it right this time.  Thanks guys

Chris Doelle