Great lyrics…

“I never met someone
Who hit a guy in the eye, like the way she came to me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And in my best defense
I coulda swore that she was looking back at me
Yeah, yeah yeah

And everything, everything will be
Everything will be oh so sweet
White picket fence, a new kitchen set
Just me and her in and a 2 car garage
Matching underwear, matching leather chairs
Easy payments on the Dodge”

THE COOL WATERS BAND: A Rose Petal to the MetalI love this track by The Cool Waters Band because, in a humorous way, it jumps right to the heart of infatuation. We have all been there – you see someone that you are instantly smitten with and you see yourself with them. Sure, this track takes that to the extreme, but it does it in a fun way.

I found this post in my drafts for the blog. Apparently, I wrote it about 7 or 8 years ago and for some reason never published. Oh well. The lyrics are still fun.