You often hear a song that resonates with you, but every once in a great while that song is a from a one-hit wonder, never to be heard from again.  This happened to me back in 1980 when I heard This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide by the Kings.  Something about this song made me love it instantly.  It didn’t get a ton of airplay, but it was enough for me to setup my tape recorder and wait by the radio for it to play.  Remember those days?

I did manage to find the album (The Kings – Are Here) and played the spindles off the cassette for the next few years, but I never heard from The Kings again.  They will always remain one of my favorite bands off the strength of that single album.

I did manage to find that one song on Spotify.  Give it a listen – in fact, play it nonstop for a few hours.  It’s that good and hopefully, they’ll make some royalty money for the plays.

While it is very cool to sing along to this great song, I am left a bit sad at the end. Just as the final note slams out, I want so bad to hear the next track in the album, but nothing – Spotify only has this one song. 🙁

Chris Doelle