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You can be added to Facebook groups without agreeing

This one is a shocker!  I was talking with my wife when she flipped her iPad over and asked, “What is that about?”  She was surfing Facebook and it “suggested” a group she may want to join called Panty Fetish.  The concern wasn’t FB trying to get you to click another useless group, but it showed MY face on the group as one of her friends that was already a member!

It turns out that ANY of your friends that are currently members of a group on Facebook can add you without asking or even without notification.  They just click and you’re added!  I haven’t tracked down who added me but I am so thankful that my wife spotted it and not a client – not exactly the marketing image I look for.  In fact, when I checked I was a member of over 60 groups and had never heard of half of them!

Here is what you must do right now:

  1. Check out your groups – online the left-hand side (on PC) click on Groups and it will open up all the ones you are in.
  2. Unjoin any you don’t want – click on the gear graphic on the right and choose Leave.  You can also click a checkbox that makes sure nobody can add you to that group again.

It would be nice if there were a way to just click on box forbidding anyone from auto joining you to any group, but Facebook hasn’t seen fit to include that feature yet.

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