Long time readers know that streaming music is very important to me.  I first brought up the subject here in 2010 when I did a quick rating of the available options.  Last.fm then started streaming and I thought I had everything I needed.  I later wrote about last.fm dropping the streaming ball in 2011 prompting me to shift my loyalty to Pandora.

Then, in 2013, I decided to reevaluate the options in light of iTunes Radio making a splash.  Spotify added the ability to be able to create unlimited playlists and finally play what you wanted when you wanted.   Again, Pandora won the battle mainly because Spotify’s app only streamed content that was sitting on your computer.  That has changed.

A good friend, Brandon Simmons, made a short post today that caused me to reinstall Spotify.  His post: “You know how I know God is good. Spotify is free on mobile!!”  Could it mean that Spotify was finally going to let you play your streaming playlists in the app without paying for their commercial free version?  It is true.  Now, all the streaming playlists you create will play via your app without paying for the “pro” version.

It looks like Spotify, long my favorite on the desktop, has taken the lead as my favorite streaming music app.

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