Texas moonThe internet is abuzz about this being a full moon on Friday the 13th and being a F13 baby, of course I was stoked.  While it was an amazing moon this morning, a little research informed me that it just ain’t so.

So there is no need to lock the doors, draw the blinds, bring in the pets or otherwise “hole up” to avoid the crazies of a full moon and bad luck of a Friday the 13th.  It is safe to go out tonight.

Nope, it was a full moon yesterday – Thursday the 12th.  At least here in Texas.  Sure, the East Coast saw the collision of these two things for a very brief time last night, but not in the Central Zone.  🙁

That said, it is still a Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon when there is a full moon in June.  So pick your favorite name and celebrate that.

Of course, you can leave the moon out of it entirely and just celebrate another Friday the 13th!

Chris Doelle