Lift-AppI am a big fan of productivity apps. Every once in a while, I do a search on the words “productivity apps” and just see what pops up.  Some of the most useful applications I have were found in this manner.

This time I found an app called Lift. This app takes the to-do list to the next level by making it social. You can share your goals and aspirations with other people and they can give you props along the way. And even if you don’t have online friends, the reminders are useful.

I started by saying I wanted to write 750 words a day. Now, the idea was to be working on a couple of books that are in progress but hey, I figure blogging is writing to so this counts.

I don’t yet know how effective the app will be, but I have hope.

I listed a few tasks like regular exercise, drinking enough water, writing – you name it, and we’ll see how it goes

I really like the idea that it has reminders set up for you. You can set it to remind me at certain times of the day to log a task or do it if you haven’t yet.

It may end up being just one more to-do item that glorifies motion instead of accomplishment, but we’ll see. I will definitely let you know.

By Chris Doelle