Welcome to your CMO Report
As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business. This time I am going to discuss how to get and retain quality followers on Twitter.

Chris Doelle is a big deal on twitter @chrisdoelleI’m not going to go into why you need to be tweeting – that will be in another message.  Let’s just say that if you aren’t doing it, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty.  I am instead going to talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of a smart Twitter campaign.

Have a Reason – nothing is more important about your social media presence than this.  You need a goal – a mission.  Once you have that, you will have defined the content of your campaign. Mine is to entertain – period.  I know that building a friendship is far more important in business than convincing someone of the details of my services.  I tweet out jokes, lyrics, quotes and information that I find interesting.

Don’t Sell – nothing turns someone off more than wading through you X% off deals to find something interesting.  I have been tweeting for years and not once have tried to sell my followers anything.  They appreciate that I am only there to give information.  Because they know, like and trust me – they buy from me… not because I asked them to in a tweet.

Be Consistent – regularity builds your following.  Face it, we are a fickle bunch – “what have you done for me lately” is alive and well.  While you don’t have to tweet every hour, you should try to do it daily or weekly at the very least.  Just the fact that they will forget who you are is enough reason to keep reminding followers you why they started watching your feed.

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