aliirajaOkay, so the task I outsourced through oDesk was to create a Facebook Connect login button for this website.  As you can see by the button at the top of the sidebar on the right, it is there.  As you will see by clicking it, the thing works perfectly.  Go ahead and comment on this post!

First, let me give mad props to the programmer that won the job – Ali Salman Haq.  He was super fast and super easy to work with.  He is in Pakistan, but has excellent English and a great understanding of what I wanted.

I threw in a few wrinkles to the job that would have caused some programmers to – throw up their hands – demand more money – or at least become harder to work with.  Ali handled it with grace and at the end of the day, just delivered.

In fact, I was so impressed with how smoothly the project went that I not only paid and gave him a glowing recommendation on oDesk, but paid him a bonus of about 35% over what he was asking.

I will definitely be using him again and oDesk as well.