Welcome to your CMO Report
As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business. This time I am going to ask you to do one thing that will greatly increase your business:

Stop Selling Yourself Now!!

Surely, I don’t mean that?  How can you get more customers and more business from existing customers if you stop selling your products and services?  Let someone else do it for you.

referral, chris doelle, austin, texas, marketingYes, I am talking about referrals, leads, testimonials… whatever you want to call it.  I am talking about the fact that when someone hears about you from someone the know, like and trust – it is 400% more effective than hearing the same thing from you.

How do you do it?

  1. Ask – simply asking your happy customers for referrals actually works.  It is not as good as a formal referral program, but it beats the heck out of doing nothing!
  2. Give, Give Give – the best way to train people and companies to refer to you is to do the same for them.  If you know of a company that does good work, make it a point to find them a good lead or better yet, a customer looking to buy right now.  They will reciprocate.
  3. Referral Program – make sure that every customer gets a chance to give a referral via some paper you give them after each service.  Have a system of calling to check on customers, offer new services and yes… ask for referrals.
  4. Reward – whether it is part of the formal program or just a quick card with Starbuck’s gift card…  reward and thank those who help you out.  Often times, just a hand-written thank you is more than enough.  (Send me a referral and you’ll see what I send!)
Chris Doelle
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