laptop-vs-tabletI have a question. Is there anybody out there who can create written content quicker on a pad or a smart phone than on the traditional desktop computer? For me, the desktop computer is so much faster.

Is it that I am a creature of my time? Is it that I’m used to the desktop computer? Or is it, in fact, that the desktop is much faster?

You tell me. I see kids text with mad speed. I myself, can type on my iPad very quickly. In fact, I’m using Dragon dictation software and writing this post right now on my iPad with my own voice.

But, the speed at which I am writing this, pales in comparison to the speed at which I can type on my full-size desktop computer. I type over 100 words a minute.  In order of speed for me, it all comes down to the keyboard – in order of speed (for me):

  1. Desktop computer
  2. Laptop computer
  3. iPad/tablet
  4. Smart phone

What is your take, am I an anomaly? Or is the desktop with its full-size keyboard really that much faster?

by Chris Doelle