last-comic-standing-8-judgesI’m sorry – I just have to say something. I was watching America’s Got Talent because there is absolutely nothing else to watch these days and I am really disgusted by these fake reality shows.

I remember when these shows were just talent shows (remember Star Search?) Now, the fake judges are just so hard to watch. When they vote yes or send the act through to the next level, they oversell how amazing or inspirational they are.

The show, Last Comic Standing is probably the biggest offender. When Roseanne Barr “likes” a comedian, she guffaws and screams how amazing he/she is… it just doesn’t match the level of jokes. They work too hard to convince the audience just how great the act is.

I know… I shouldn’t expect high brow entertainment, but come on – can’t they get celebrity judges who can at least act a little bit.

The fake drama takes what could be a mildly entertaining show and turns it into an insult to the viewer.

End of rant 🙂

Chris Doelle