Okay, Google Calendar is not exactly killing me.  Some of the weirdness I have experienced with it recently have however, peeved me a bit.

Okay, so not a lot of weirdness… but I am peeved nonetheless.

It all started when we took a family vacation last month.  In our travels, we swapped time zones a couple of times and all of the sudden every one of my appointments moved to one hour later.  Ie. if I was scheduled to meet someone at 7am, Google Calendar showed it at 8am.

I figured it would all straighten out once I returned to Texas but nope.  Not only did it not correct anything, it continues to happen.

I setup an appointment just a couple days ago and when I logged in this morning, it had moved to one hour later.

I love Google Calendar and organize my business, kids, church, football, and personal life with this amazing tool.  It has to work though!

Have you have any problems like this with your Google Calendar?  Know of a fix?