It’s that time of year again – time for the family vacation. This year we took an extended driving trip through the Western US.  Some of the stops include White Sands National Monument and Albuquerque in New Mexico; Durango and Ouray in Colorado as well as stops at Arches National Monument in Moab, Park City and Salt Lake City in Utah.

I rarely find anything negative to say about people but I was taken aback by the folks in Park City, Utah.

This idyllic little resort community turned out to be quite a surprise. It was first surprised by just how gorgeous the place is. Every thing about Park City screams adventure, excitement and opulence.  After being here for just a few hours I was sure this is the kind of place I would want to come back time and again. Heck, just the opportunity to do some mountain biking here in the summertime should be enough reason to come back again. That doesn’t even touch what an amazing winter wonderland this place is.  What I wasn’t expecting, was the crappy attitude of the people.

It began when Dawn and I were driving through one of the new shopping areas that have seemed to pop up all over. While driving casually through looking for restaurant options and planning how we would spend our time here, someone from one of the condos nearby zoomed passed me honking angrily.

Apparently, the speed limit wasn’t fast enough for this jack- wagon. I don’t know if he was a local who is angered by the tourists or just a loser from out of town in a big hurry to get to his drinking party.  Either way, it was a rude start to our stay.

Not ten minutes later, another car honked as I waited for oncoming traffic to pass before turning left. Do they all just hate people with Texas plates?

It wasn’t over though. I took the boys for a soft drink at a nearby cafe and on the drive back, a gaggle of twenty-somethings were attempting to cross the street mid-block. When I didn’t stop to let them cross, one threw up his arms and shouted something – then the other little sheep started flipping us the bird.  There WAS a cross-walk and I would gladly give them right-of-way there.

Again, I don’t know if it’s the entitled scumbags that live there or just jerks visiting that are giving Park City a bad name, but despite a ton of fun with the boys at the Olympic Park (zipline, ropes course and much more,) I am in no hurry to return.

Chris Doelle