Social media overtakes pornWow, the Internet has come a long way!  I am pleased to read that for the first time since these things were being tracked, it is reported that social media has surpassed porn as the #1 activity on the Internet.  Those of you sure the world was going to Hell in a hand-basket should take that as turn for the better.

The Internet was founded on grand ideals about mass communication and sharing of information.  Sure, we are not all working together to cure cancer, but even if we are just sharing pictures of Grumpy Cat, you have to agree this is more positive than downloading porn.

Yes, there is a large percentage of the social media world out there sharing hatred and discourse, but at least they are communicating.  Okay, communication may be putting too pretty of a wrapper on it… but darn it, I am a positive person and am going to view this as a step forward.

I think this is good news and will keep my rose-colored glasses on and just dream about the political rants and hate pieces disappearing too.

by Chris Doelle