2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 51 (90% non-fiction)

Bubba Talks reviewI listened to Bubba Talks: Of Life, Love, Sex, Whiskey, Politics, Foreigners, Teenagers, Movies, Food, Foreigners, Teenagers, Football and Other Matters that Occasionally Concern Human Beings by Dan Jenkins because I like his writing – okay, maybe not… I like the movie North Dallas Forty.  I never read that one in book format so I may just be looking at the one time Hollywood a book and created a movie that was better.  I don’t know.

This book reads like a collection of post-it notes Jenkins wrote down anytime he heard something that tickled his funny bone.  It is disjointed and altogether insulting to men.  Sure, I get the theme is to poke fun at everything redneck and Jeff Foxworthy made a fortune helping us laugh about them but Jenkins doesn’t seem to be laughing with them.

First, he implies that there is a bit of “Bubba” in all of us… in all regions of the country… all states in the union… and most men.  He goes beyond simple redneck jokes and insists that men are lazy, bigoted, mean and not that intelligent.

I made it over half way through the book but in the end had to put it down.  There was nothing positive to come from continuing my reading.  Don’t waste your time.