IPad_in_Black_CaseWhen the iPad first arrived on the scene, I was a naysayer.  I couldn’t believe someone would fork over that kind of money for this bulky, stripped down computer.  Really?  I had a smart phone which was much more portable and worked wonders.  I had a desktop computer which had so much more functionality.  It could run actual programs and it had storage.  I needed storage.  How could a tablet work as a business device?

Sure, I could see it as a toy.  I could see how it could entertain kids.  It just cost way too much to be any real value.

I was sitting at a Sonic Drive-In the other day when I realized that I actually prefer the tablet experience to the smartphone.  I wanted to look something up on the Internet and rather than whip out the smartphone… I did what would have been unthinkable a few years earlier.

I took out my smartphone, went into Settings, clicked on Personal Hotspot and turned on the hotspot.  Yes… you guessed it.  I then grabbed my iPad and proceeded to surf to my destination. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what I had done.  Because I preferred to surf on the tablet, I jumped through a couple of extra hoops.

I am here to admit that tablets work.  Not only is the surfing experience superior to a smartphone, but with my move to cloud storage for all my work documents, my biggest issue has been solved.

Yes, I still prefer the desktop for nose-down working, but for less intense jobs that do not require tools like Photoshop the tablet wins.

What is the take-away from this experience?  Yes… tablets are useful… but the real lesson here is that its okay to admit when you’re wrong.  I am a convert.