2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 56 (91% non-fiction)

9780062218339Think Like a Freak:The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner is the natural progression of their written works.  If you ready Freakonomics or listen to their podcast (of the same name), you know that the two Steves like to turn conventional wisdom on its ear and point out when things are not like we would assume.  That seems to be their shtick.  Yes, there are some leaps in their conclusions and I let them slide mainly because they are doing so much more than anyone else when it comes to asking questions.

I am a fan of their previous books and listen to every episode of the podcast mainly because of my love for unconventional knowledge.  In this book, they spend less time with the “wow, I didn’t see that coming” revelations of their studies and more time on the “so this is what makes you ask those questions!”

If you haven’t read Freakonomics or listened to the podcast, I would definitely recommend starting there.  This is like Freakonomics 202 so the 101 level will make it much more understandable.  After that is handled, then jump into this one if you still have an interest in their work.  Once again, these freaks do a really good job!

by Chris Doelle