2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 53 (90% non-fiction)

Wow I didn’t notice, but I have gone past the reading goal for the year.  This one is a short one.  Yes, another non-fiction… what can I say, I like reading true things.

The book Write On! Getting Published: A Long Strange Trip by Brian Rouff is not a traditional book but a recorded lecture.  I guess the only category it could be placed in what audiobook.   Rouff is talking to a group of aspiring writers and taking their questions throughout.

Most of the content is common knowledge.  I really wasn’t shocked to learn anything from the book.  That said, it is worth a listen if for no other reason than to motivate you to get off your duff and work if you want to be a published writer.

There were some decent little tips like some websites to visit for things that writers need – ISBN number, agents etc.

by Chris Doelle