m_079_ptl_1sht_V1.inddI watched the Netflix Original documentary, Print the Legend and was really impressed.  It is the story of the revolution in 3D printing.

Sure, I have seen the news over the past several years about 3D printing and even let my imagination run wild at times about some of the potential uses.    I did not however, have a grasp on who any of the players involved in this revolution were/are.  This film was an education into the pioneers, outlaws, good guys and bad guys of the hotly contested 3D printing market… heck, I didn’t even know it was a battle.

Not only did I learn about all the players, I learned about the technology.  The film jumped into the controversy as well chronicling Cody Wilson‘s success at printing a 100% digital gun and sharing the plans online for anyone to use.  The anti-hero in the story appears to be Bre Pettis a self-styled Steve Jobs wannabe without the charisma.

If you like movies about business, watch it.  If you like movies about startups, watch it.  If you like movies about technology, watch it.  If you like documentaries, period… watch it.

by Chris Doelle