I’ve been  having conversations with a friend, Russ Wilde – owner of FROM ABOVE TX.  I am absolutely intrigued by the idea of using a drone to catch great video and photographic images.  I think the videographer in me loves it more than when the first affordable SteadyCam or more powerful editing tools on the iPhone showed up.  This is just fun stuff.

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I just love the fact that it brings aerial photography down to a very affordable level.  Sure, there are and will be some regulation about what you can shoot – how close you can be to things/people – what sort of licensing you will eventually need.  But you know what?  This is another one of those industries that is about to make huge leaps and I, for one, feel blessed to be alive during yet more really cool technological advancements.

Thanks, Russ for letting me play with you and your toy.  I can’t wait to see what neat things will come from it all.

by Chris Doelle