magicI’ve never been a big Woody Allen fan – I mean, there are one or two movies of his I liked – Sleeper and…. well, okay maybe just Sleeper.  I was invited to this movie as one of those afternoon date flicks and had never even heard of it but I was game.  The appeal was going to an afternoon movie with my wife, so the movie didn’t really matter.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt when during opening credits I discovered it was a Woody Allen film.  I discovered it had Colin Firth in it, whom I have liked for the past 20 years – since seeing him in Pride and Prejudice and felt sure I was going to find it at least mildly amusing.

It was not to be… Magic in the Moonlight is bad – just bad.  It seemed to drag on and just never got entertaining.

That is actually too kind.  It wasn’t that it failed to be entertaining… it hurt to watch.  I’m not joking!

It was two hours of dialogue… not even witty dialogue.  It was just rambling that hurt my head.

And when Colin Firth kissed Emma Stone at the end of the film, I was totally creeped out at their difference in age.  I was apparently making a face like I had eaten something nasty and glanced over to see my wife making the same face, “Yeah, totally creepy,” she said without any prompting from me.

To give you a good idea of how bad this film actually was… long time readers know that period piece movies usually get a 3 star bump in their rating just because I love the scenery, costumes, buildings, vehicles etc.

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