bad-judge-vertical-with-logoWe were surfing around the other night trying to find something to watch and stumbled upon Bad Judge on Hulu.  I had seen the previews a few days before and was complete unimpressed, but we decided to give it a try because we wanted something quick and brain dead.  Brain dead, yes… quick, not so much.  This 21 minutes show seemed like it took an hour and half.

I really do like Kate Walsh and it was good to see Miguel Sandoval in another show (I really liked him in Medium,) but this one just left me feeling dumber (and sleazier) for having watched it.

I get that all the comedies on American TV are littered with sleaze and raunch, but on top of that, it was so formulaic.  Bad girl sleeps around with everyone, but has a heart of gold for the little guy (literally.)

To me it is just another subtle slide into the abyss of moral decay.  Yes, I said that. haha.  Call me a prude, but the idea of wanton sleeping around is being sold to us under the guise of “but, she’s really a good person.”

Don’t buy into it.  This is garbage designed to continue the dumbing down of the population and degradation of our society.  Yeah, I said that too. 🙂

by Chris Doelle