bitcoinOkay, I have to start my saying I am an absolute novice in the world of Bitcoin and crypto-currency in general.  I realize that I have missed the gold rush of Bitcoin but I finally took a few minutes to educate myself.  I won’t bore you with all that I found, just let you know where I stand.

Bitcoin is a good idea, albeit a bit scary, that has potential for a lot of good, but it sure has a lot of potential for bad as well.

In theory it was created to have a currency that cannot be manipulated by governments.  The big problem with that theory is:

  1. It requires internet access and computers to even have Bitcoins
  2. The internet/power grid etc.  all go down without governments
  3. When that happens, Bitcoins all disappear

The other big thing that bugs me about Bitcoin is that there’s a finite amount of coins.  Once they are all in circulation, the inflation will skyrocket.  I don’t believe that wealth is finite – you can create wealth with your labor and with your thoughts.  Those things are infinite.

I am not worried about the black market or untraceable transactions.  That exists regardless of the currency.  That argument against Bitcoin is just fear-mongering.

I do have a Bitcoin wallet.  I have nothing in it.  I don’t intend to mine for coins – it has reached a point where you would have to have a bank of computers running full-time to make it worth doing.

Will I take payment in Bitcoin for my products or services?  Yes, but I will switch it to other currency as quickly as possible.  I fear being stuck with a worthless currency.

Will I speculate in the Bitcoin market?  Not a chance.  I don’t waste my time speculating in other markets so certainly won’t jump into one that I barely understand.  I think I’ll run a test on someplace like Craigslist and sell something for Bitcoin.

Do you have Bitcoins?  What are your thoughts on this currency?

by Chris Doelle