bitcoin crypocurrencyOkay, so I dipped my toe in the Bitcoin ocean.  Here is what I did:

I had someone offer to buy the Xbox for Bitcoin but they wanted me to drive to San Antonio.  It’s not really worth driving an hour to trade an old Xbox for something I may never use, so I passed.  I also had several people email me saying, “What is Bitcoin?”

When the post was shared out on Twitter, I got one gentleman responded to the post title “Bitcoin – am I in?” with a tweet that said, “You are Now!” and used a service called ChangeTip (@ChangeTip) to send me $1.00 worth of Bitcoin.  I thanked him and asked when he was available for a chat about Bitcoin.  His response was to send another $3.50 – that was way cool of him.  I am continually inspired by the generosity of people.  Sure, it is only a couple bucks but its moves like his that make me feel better about mankind on the whole.

Due to price fluctuation, my $4.50 worth of Bitcoin is now worth between $4.48 & $4.58 depending on when I look.

I still really want to have a conversation about Bitcoin with someone who is actually using it for something productive – other than a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, I am no officially in.  I am still in the dark, but I am in.

by Chris Doelle