lifetimewarrantyjpgI have a couple of recent warranty stories and thought I would share them.  I’ve always been concerned about customer service as that is probably the most important aspect of your marketing.  I have worked as a mystery shopper helping companies ensure their customer service is top-notch.

Warranties and guarantees are a huge part of customer service.  How good are they?  Are they worth the paper they’re printed on?  Most of the times, yes.  Sometimes however, they are just an immoral attempt to con you out of your money from people with no interest in honoring them.

I had the opportunity to test the warranty of three companies recently.  Hydro Flash, OtterBox and Mont Blanc.

Here are the scenarios:

Mont Blanc – I had heard that Mont Blanc pens were guaranteed for life so I decided that since I was in a warranty mood, I would try this one.  Bear in mind I got the pen as a graduation gift from high school – so we are talking about an OLD pen!  These pens run $300-500 too – so I’m not talking about a Bic here.  About ten years ago, mine developed a crack and a piece broke off.

To test their warranty, I could only find a phone number.  I called and was told, “No, the pens are not guaranteed for life – but for two years.”  I was also told that they do repair pens and could send it in for repair costing about $100.  I don’t really need a $100 pen, so it ended there.  Grade A-

OtterBox – I have used their covers for my iPhones/iPods since I got my first one at the inaugural podcasting convention back in 2005.  The silicone rubber cover of my latest iPhone case has ripped in several places.  It is only about six months old because I bought it to replace another one that had the same issue.  I only recently heard from my wife that they were guaranteed for life.  I filled out the online warranty form and waited…

Turns out, I only had to wait a couple of hours.  I got a response from them thanking me for filling out the request and letting me know that the item is backordered but will be shipped out as soon as they are available.  The notice said to allow 3-4 weeks for deliver.  I’m cool with that!  Grade A+

Hydro Flask – I absolutely love my Hydro Flash ever since my wife first gave it to me.  Shortly after I started using it, the straw discolored.  The others we own look perfect. I went the social media route with this issue.  Finding their twitter account, I made a simple inquiry asking what the warranty was for the flip lids.  We chatted via twitter and I was assisted by a caring/engaging person.  I was told they would be happy to help and given a link to fill out the warranty form.

I filled out the form and waited…

The next day, I got an email showing an order receipt and notification that the item was being shipped to me within three business days at no charge.  I would call that another big win! Grade A+

So what is my takeaway?  Warranties are something that good companies stand behind and a valid reason to make a purchase if you are on the fence about the decision.  If you buy quality items, the warranties are something you can count on to make sure you keep the value.

Yes, I am pleased as punch with these outcomes.

by Chris Doelle