I have had numerous problems accessing Hootsuite for the past few days.  I get redirected to https://eureka-sandbox.imedidata.net/login when I try to sign in and then it errors out.  I found a kludgy workaround by going to the Help Desk area and signing in from there.  Then I can go to the website and my cookie will bring me in.

Another issue that I’ve been fighting is getting notices every other day or so that Hootsuite, “had trouble sending” a post. I also have clients that are having intermittent problem with pieces of Hootsuite not working.

I’m hoping it is just growing pains and not a sign that, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” to borrow the bard’s quote.

hootsuiteLet me say that I love Hootsuite and wish them the absolute best.

by Chris Doelle