Okay, a while back I wrote about outsourcing (oDesk = oYes!) (oDesk experience review) and since those posts have done quite a bit more outsourcing. I’ve even ventured out to use eLance more as well.  Hey, all the big companies do it – why can’t the little guys?

What is my take?  Let me tell you…

I have done quite a bit more on oDesk mainly because it was my first.  However, the interface is a bit troublesome at times – just trying to find where I go to do things like respond to applicants, close a job etc. was not intuitive.  In addition to that, the messaging system itself was not working for me for days.

It was right after I submitted a job and started to get applicants.  I tried to message them so I could do an interview via Skype or Google Hangout and the system kept giving me “Send Message Error.”  The applicants continued to roll in as I was unable to communicate – it was very frustrating.

Frustration aside, I have been able to meet some excellent freelancers and am very pleased with the bulk of my oDesk interactions.

I really like eLance too as the interface seems to be a bit easier.  I like the bidding system available to outsourcers as it gives you some info on the average offer – which I find useful in deciding who to hire.  Another cool thing I found was that they have a referral bonus of $10 off your job.  Start an account and you get $10 too! <–have to use that link!

It was in writing this article that I first discovered these two companies have merged!

elance odesk

One bit of advice for anyone outsourcing jobs:  You will get a lot of candidates.  If you’re like me, you will have them jump through some hoops to earn the job.  Return that consideration by notifying the freelancers that you did not select.  It is rude to not give them the respect of a reply for their efforts.

Keep in mind that I write this review as someone hiring freelancers so really have no experience with the platforms from the other side of the equation.  Do you?  What are the differences from the freelancer’s perspective?

by Chris Doelle