OldBootsNewDirtSpotify is really allowing me to check out a lot more full albums.  The latest one for me is Jason Aldean’s Old Boots, New Dirt.  His 6th album is not my favorite of his by any stretch.  I want to preface my review by saying that I am not a big Jason Aldean fan. Looking at my charts on Last.fm, Aldean is #64 all-time with 177 plays – most of those off the album My Kinda Party. (I expect that he will crack my top 50 by the time I give this album a few listens)

I have only listened to the album all the way through one time so far and wanted to give my absolute first impression.  Burning it Down is classic Aldean (can you say that about a performer so young?)  It sounds like his style and has a great hook that you catch yourself singing along to before it finishes the first time.  Trying to Love Me is the kind of song that I really like, it has a melancholy story of lost love and regret – great if you want to exercise those feeling muscles.  🙂  (yeah, guys  do that.)

Laid Back is one of those songs that smacks of typical Nashville trying to create a song to capitalize on a phrase… it feels like a sellout to me.

Overall, one or two likable songs seems to be all you can expect from a new album these days and in that respect, OBND delivers.  The entire album has the kinda feel that I know will grow on me with each listen so I wouldn’t be surprised if I start playing the heck out of it – unless some other glittering musical object catches my eye (and ear.)  If that happens, this album will slip out of my playlist pretty fast.

I’m sure his diehard fans will love this latest offering.  As I mentioned earlier, it sounds a lot like Jason Aldean.

by Chris Doelle