2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 61 (90% non-fiction)

Gone Girl bookI read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in response to seeing the movie. The film was disturbing and prompted me to see if director, David Fincher was true to the story.  Flynn also wrote the screenplay so I figured she would be true in that translation.

The book is spot-on with what I saw in the film – right down to the exact wording of some of the most innocuous dialogue.  As expected, the book was a more detailed telling of that strange and psychopathic tale.  It was hard to read the book with the images from the movie so fresh, but slog through I did.

Flynn’s demonstration of the psychopathic mind is creepy, yet fascinating.

Don’t read this book for a wholesome, light-hearted romp.  Don’t read this book to brighten your day. It will fail miserably on those fronts.

Read this book if you are comfortable in dark places.  Read this book if your faith in humanity can withstand some serious damaging hits.  Read this book – followed immediately by something uplifting with good people.  It is the only way to cleanse yourself after.

by Chris Doelle