Each series of DVDs is a five-week session that gradually gets tougher.

Three series of DVDs – 5 weeks each that gradually get tougher.

Alright, so I’ve been losing the Battle of the Bulge recently, and with one of those key birthdays coming up, felt it was time to earn back some ground in that war.  Okay, the birthday really didn’t figure it – it just makes a better story.  🙂

I decided to go with FOCUS T25 after a discussion with my wife.  She came home from work one day saying that she had heard great things about it.  Coincidentally, I had recently noticed it and wondering if it was any good.  The idea is that each workout is 25 minutes and because they are non-stop, brings some great results.  There are three sets of DVDs (segments) and each segment lasts for five weeks.  (Alpha, Beta & Gamma… all increasingly more intense.)

It is put out by BeachBody – the same company that did P90X (still my all-time favorite – I used P90X to drop 45 pounds in the Spring of 2009) and if it is half as good, I will be very happy.

Fast forward to this week and I put in the video just to watch some of it (judge how well it would work for me) and was surprised to see that it didn’t look all that tough.  I thought, “Perfect.  This will allow me to ease into conditioning,” as I am one of those folks who needs to ease in or risk injury.  (I guess we are all these kind of folks… just not all of us respect the body’s need to be brought along slowly at the first.)

Yesterday, I went ahead and started with the Cardio.  It was not a wise choice to start just 15 minutes after a sizeable Mexican food lunch.  Minutes into it, I discovered how deceptively easy it look while I was watching on the couch earlier in the week.  This stuff is HARD!!

I managed to keep lunch down and crawl across the finish line of the first workout doing the modified “easier” version of most of the moves.  Things were cramping up that I hadn’t even really felt in years.  I was drenched.  It was a very good workout!

Skipping ahead to look at the Total Body Circuit, I’m thinking there is a good chance I will die from this – but leave a beautiful body.  🙂

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25