I was surfing the other day and discovered Musicovery.com.  Okay, it was actually a re-discovery.  I had seen it years ago but the user interface just seems so much more useful now.

The graphical audio map allows you to choose the music to fit your mood.  Yes, all the rest do that too, but you have to know what you are looking for.  Musicovery allows you to actually explore a bit more.

If you are in a chill mood, mouse over the area around the “Calm” section and songs will begin across all genres of music that fit that mood.  It would actually be a great tool for folks trying to learn about music genres.  You instantly notice that whether it is Rock, Pop, County or other genres… they all have songs that fit each of the moods.

I, of course, went straight to the upper-right quadrant between “Energetic” and “Positive.”  That is all me.   I blipped through a dozen songs totally digging on the mood.  I fell further down the rabbit hole of upbeat Jazz & Blues that had me grinning while I worked.

I also discovered a couple of artists that instantly struck a chord (pun intended) with me – Eric Bibb & Ellis Hooks.

Like the other streaming music sites, you can create a radio station based on any song, artist or mood.  Now if I can just figure out how to scrobble my plays to Last.fm like I do with all my other devices and sites, the nerd in me too would be happy.

Check it out!

by Chris Doelle