facebook at workThe buzz around Facebook’s professional social media platform is once again firing up.  It was mentioned a few months ago and not a lot happened, but now it appears to be close to launch.

The immediate cry of “LinkedIn Killer” was heard across the Internet… but let’s take a look at that.

Yes, Facebook has roughly 1 billion MORE users than LinkedIn, but the it is viewed as a bastion for cat pictures, grandmas checking on young’uns, selfies at the park, what I ate for lunch photos and countless cute and/or fail videos.  It is not seen as a place for business people to congregate.

In fact, back in Episode 6 of The Marketing Drive, I came out and said Facebook company pages are a waste!

LinkedIn controls the mind space of a networking site for business.   It has a huge advantage in being the first big fish to market.

I will definitely be signing up and playing around in Facebook @ Work when it launches… not because I think it is going to take over that segment of the social media world, but because it is my business to know what works and doesn’t work for my clients.
What are your thoughts?
by Chris Doelle