Google InboxOkay,  I have used Google Inbox now for a grand total of three days and I have to tell you I am unimpressed.  I, of course, had to jump on the opportunity to check it out… because that is what I do.

It is by checking out the new things that I stay on the cutting edge of what is the most useful for my marketing clients.  I have to say again… unimpressed.

My take is that it is all about the layout.  It is simply a repackaged layout that includes a few different tidbits.  Sure, I love the idea that it integrates a task manager (and I will explore that more later,) but there is nothing really new here.  It feels like the next incarnation of their tab system (Primary, Social, Promotions) the introduced in the Gmail interface a while back.

My one HUGE annoyance?  It is downright difficult to delete an email using the app.  You can finger-slide the message to mark it as DONE, but it takes fully five clicks to send something to the trash.  I get several hundred emails a day and the majority of those go to the trash.  This takes a minor annoyance and makes it into a full-time job.

I will dig more as the days go on but for now, I am not seeing it useful at all as a tool for checking email.

by Chris Doelle