Okay, so the SyFy remake of the brilliant Terry Gilliam film Twelve Monkeys (I rated 9 starts IMDB) is set to begin its life as a television series in January of 2015.  At first blush, I thought, “way cool!  I loved that film!”  I wonder though…

I checked out the trailer on YouTube:

I still think it looks like it will be mildly entertaining.  The production value appears pretty lame (typical of SyFy) and because it follows the film so completely, I wonder how you make it a series that lasts past just a few episodes unless you really streeeeeetch the storyline – or maybe have side adventures each week.

Look one of my all-time favorite science fiction television series is Quantum Leap and they had the episodic thing down pat.  While this one doesn’t look nearly as fun as QL, I will give it a chance.  That is a lot more than the trolls on YouTube are doing.

I ready so many reviews of the trailers saying things like, “Why?”  “OMG NO NO NO!!!”  “What a lame ripoff of a great movie” etc. etc.

What do you think?

by Chris Doelle