Steve-Jobs-Book-cover2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 62 (90% non-fiction)

The book, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is one I read earlier in the year but totally forgot to include in my totals for the year.  I have long been a fan of any writing about the computer revolution and no story could be told that doesn’t mention Steve Jobs.  This book however, is just about Jobs and is a fascinating read.

Whether you thought him a genius or a jerk, you cannot argue that Jobs was a major player in the tech revolution.  If you’ve read anything about Jobs or perhaps seen the Ashton Kutcher movie, Jobs, or my favorite – Pirates of Silicon Valley, you know the image of the quirky, jerky, inspired leader.

Isaacson rehashes all the stuff of Jobs’ legend – the rants, the blowups and the inspirations.  In addition however to the stuff you already know – Isaacson brings you inside in a way that the film and video storytellers cannot.  Yes, there is a lot of the “more of the same” stuff, but as I am a big fanboy of this entire era, it didn’t feel like a retread to me.

I think if you like stories about the early days of computing, the rise of silicon valley and all that it entails, you will dig this book.  If you are looking for more detail about the less publicized portions of the Apple origin story, you will dig this book.  If you want a well-written narrative that keeps you turning pages, you will dig this book.

If you don’t dig this book… maybe you’re just not cool.  haha  j/k

by Chris Doelle