Finish strong 2014Yes, each volume (year) of then book of our life has 12 chapters. Each year, we have the opportunity to write that book. We have a chance to accomplish great things, fail miserably or just put down another volume in our “book of boredom.”

It is totally up to us!

Those are words you might expect to hear in January. After all, that is a time of new beginnings. Why am I bringing it up in this, the last chapter of 2014?

Because it is never too late to start something new. It is never too late to salvage a sub par year. It is never too late – period.

What goals do you have to finish 2014 strong?

Here are a couple of my last chapter goals:

  1. Not only do I intend to not gain weight during the holidays, but I will lose 20lbs. (Don’t laugh – I’ve done it before and will succeed.)
  2. I will magnify my callings – those things I have been called and/or inspired to do. They are church callings, career callings and my callings as a father and husband. I intend to do better at each.
  3. I will finish another book and publish it.
  4. I will finish and publish my first iPhone app. (It’s a silly game, but I’m doing it to educate myself on the process.)

Help me out. Let me hear your goals to finish strong in 2014.

by Chris Doelle