Yes, that is my conclusion.  At least when it comes to shakes, supplements etc.  I have tried everything from Muscle Milk (my review in 2009) to today’s test of Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein (Chocolate.)  Color me dense for the fact that it took five years for me to figure it out, but my conclusion is that protein is nasty tasting.  I tried Soy (before I learned it converts directly to estrogen) and Whey powders but never could deal with the taste.

I added Chia seeds to my concoction

I added Chia seeds to my concoction

I don’t want to rip on the Jay Robb mix too much – it isn’t that this one tastes worse than the rest – its just that none of them taste worth a darn.  What made me choose this was that it had no Soy or Whey and I thought perhaps those were the ingredients that made the flavor so bad.  Egg whites are something I eat and love the flavor – surely, this one won’t have that nasty flavor!  Oh well – luckily they were available in single-serving packs so I didn’t invest much.

I think the reason it took me so long to come around to the “protein is nasty” side of the fence is that all my favorite foods are the ones highest in protein.  I was assigning causation to correlation.

Yes, I will continue to intake good amounts of protein, but I will be doing it in the natural way – through beef, sardines, eggs etc. – stuff I like to eat. I will also continue to try to find ways to incorporate Chia seed in my diet.  I think I’m done with protein shake though.

by Chris Doelle