goals-on-target1One of the things you rarely see is someone actually reviewing their previous year goals.  Last year at this time, I posted Resolutionary Ideas in which I listed my goals for 2014:

My 2014 Goals (results)

  • Be a good husband (I think I was a good husband, Dawn might disagree)
  • Be a good father (I know I love my kids and work hard to do what is right for them)
  • Be a good friend (I was better with some than others – just a matter of free time)
  • Be a source of positive and good (I think I did best at this one)
  • Be a valuable asset to my clients (They are getting results so I would call it a win)
  • Build our house (We didn’t build the original idea and the next one just started)
  • Build our garden (Not yet – no house)
  • Exercise 3 days/week (I may have averaged 2 days a week at best)
  • Launch the redesigned Lone Star Gridiron (Did that with great success)
  • Read 52 books (1 per week – mostly non-fiction) (shattered this goal)
  • Ride over 600 miles (roughly 1 hour per week) (didn’t come close)

So what about 2015?  Here are a few:

My 2015 Goals

  • Be a good husband
  • Be a good father
  • Be a good friend
  • Be a source for positive and good
  • Be a valuable asset to my clients
  • Finish building house
  • Build garden
  • Ride over 600 miles (roughly 1 hour per week)
  • Launch one or two new podcasts or videocasts
  • Publish 8 books this year
  • Publish 2 smartphone apps
  • Trip to Europe

As you can see, the book one has dropped off because the 2014 goal proved that I already read more than that.  Its a part of me.  I’ve also added a lot more publishing and content creation as that seems makes me happy and makes me money.

What are your goals?

by Chris Doelle