I switched to AT&T when I lived in Wimberley because they were the only carrier with decent reception in the area.  Apparently, they have proprietary rights to some technology that allows their signal to travel over hills and down into valleys?  Even though I have moved from Wimberley, I am keeping AT&T mainly because they are getting better as a company.

When I was first considering a switch, I went in to talk to the rep at the store and was told that not only is my data package doubling, but my bill was going down my 10 bucks a month.  Score for me!  That should have been enough to keep me loyal, but there was more.

rollover at&t

Yesterday I got an email telling me that my data was going to start carrying over.  This is huge!  It seems like everyone else has carryover, but AT&T had been holding out.  Apparently, it will go into effect this month.  It is not amazing in that it only carries over to the next month – so no banking up huge amounts of data, but its better than my current use it or lose it plan.

Just when you think that big business is made up of  cold-hearted suits that don’t give a flip – they do something decent.  Sure, I know it made good business sense or they wouldn’t have done it, but I do appreciate it.

by Chris Doelle