happy-life-300x300I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about whether people are generally good or generally selfish and once again I come to the same conclusion… people are good – if you’re good.

It is my philosophy that we see in those around us, what fits with our own self view.  If you are a good person, you will see the good in people.  If you are a evil, selfish person, you will see that in those you meet.  Negative people see negative things.  Positive people see positive things.

It is also my belief however, that you can change the type of person you are.  I think it may be more difficult for negative people to acquire a positive outlook, but I know a direct path to doing so.

Gratitude is the sure-fire path to a good outlook on life.  Simply waking up each morning and before your feet hit the floor thinking of all the things that are great in your life will get you started.  You are alive.  You live in a country full of possibilities.  You have family and friends.  (The Negative Nelly’s of the world are already saying things like, “What if you have no friends?  What if you live in a poor country?”  Those aren’t exact – find the ones that fit your situation.

Next, start a gratitude journal – just a couple minutes a day writing these things down will do wonders to change your outlook on life.  Don’t forget to read through the journal before bed each night as well.

As far as how to change a happy life into a dismal one…  I’ll leave that for someone else.  I have no interest in that.

Are you generally happy or a Debbie Downer?

by Chris Doelle