Yes, I am a tech guy.  I am always interested in the new technology and love the sparks of creativity they give me when I think of different ways to use existing tech (or just revel in how someone else came up with a great idea.)  No, I do not rush out and get the new stuff right away.  This is another example.

The Withings scales have been on the market for years and yes, I thought they were cool when I first heard of them.  I am the kind of guy who waits until his phone dies to get a new one (I still have an iPhone 4s) and haven’t really needed a scale.  That changed recently and while the Withings Body Analyzer scale is a bit pricey, I did need one.

Yes, I could have spent 30 bucks, but I had a coupon AND its an itch that has been there at least five years.

This scale not only measures your weight to a tenth of a pound, but it remembers who you are.  Unless there is some dramatic overnight change in weight, it can track several household members based on the fact that it is rare that family members all weigh the same.

It also tracks your heart rate, measures the CO2 in your house and yes… tells you the weather.

withings body analyzer scale

The cool thing is that it can sync via Bluetooth or WiFi with the MapMyFitness app.  Now, all I need as a really good version of something like FitBit (but more useful) and not only will I have everything tracked all the time, but I will have great documentation of an alibi if I am ever erroneously charged with some crime.

by Chris Doelle

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