Okay, so Texas is changing the way they do inspection stickers and registration and I figured out why.  The pitch to drivers is that we don’t have to hassle with two stickers on our window (really, was that a big problem?)  Only having to do one governmental piece of paperwork is easier than two, right?

Here are the facts:  Beginning in March of this year, you only have to get one sticker.

  • Inspection is done as normal – and you get a sticker
  • The inspection service company records your status in an online database & gives you a hard copy for your glove box
  • You go online to pay your registration and it will verify that your car has passed inspection

The video doesn’t really address how you transition over.  I just did my inspection this month and my registration is now due so I guess I still do both this year.  It turns out that they will allow people to sync up and go over this year and not register/inspect again until March of 2016.

Also, if there is no registration sticker, how (visually) can a police officer detect if you paid?  Does it come down to traffic stops only?  Will an APB be issued if your registration date passes and have not registered?  It’s all a little mind-boggling thinking of the difference scenarios and how it will affect folks – luckily, the state has a website with a lot of information.

There was a subtle change in how registration/inspections are handled in that previously, you could let a registration sticker lapse (they even gave you a grace period.)  Now, you must have it all handled BEFORE it expires or be unable to complete your registration.  There is no explanation of what happens if you are late.

The difference in revenue by doing away with grace periods and those folks (we’ve all done it) who accidentally (or otherwise) skipped a month in getting our vehicle inspected should be a boon to the service stations.

What are your thoughts?

by Chris Doelle