When Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D first came out I watched about five minutes of the first episode and thought, “meh, it looks like a formulaic teen version of a hundred other shows.”  Because of that, I never really gave it a chance.

marvel agents of shield

I recently decided to give it that chance and wow… it is actually quite good.

I also heard the other day that binge watching a television series is a sign of depression.  So… what if you watch 17 episodes over the course of month?  I only ate ice cream while watching it one time.  Does that mean I’m sorta not feeling good? haha

Although I was really hoping there would be a lot more involvement with the Marvel universe of super heroes, what I got was quite entertaining.  Each of the ensemble cast has grown on me so that when mention of Thor or Hulk comes up, it sorta shocks me into remembering this is the same universe.  No, we don’t actually see our favorite Marvel characters, their names are just dropped occasionally for that tie-in.

Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson is the same fun character he played in the movies with the same witty banter.   All of the writing is top-notch as they don’t dumb things down.  Because of that, there are surprise plot twists that actually keep you guessing.  Take great writing, lots of action and some S.H.I.E.L.D. women that are not hard to look at and you’ve got yourself a winner.

If you haven’t watched the series, I recommend starting from the beginning and get your binge on.  They are on Netflix right now and all thoroughly enjoyable.

by Chris Doelle