I finally tried Uber when in Dallas a while back and I have to say I am impressed.  I was staying with a friend that lives downtown and rather than grab the car from the garage, driving across downtown, finding parking while we eat, driving back, putting the car in the garage again… he just tapped a few times on his cell phone and our Uber driver appeared.

uber appWe hopped in… the driver already knew where we were heading… the payment was already handled… no cash changed hands.  It was not only painless, it was downright easy.

I was reaching into my pocket for a tip but was told that they actually don’t allow tips (it removes drivers as a robbery target.)  It is all handled in the app before the car arrives.

I used it again a couple of times in San Diego and learned another tidbit.  There are different levels of car quality with corresponding different pricing.  If you want to ride in style, you choose UberX instead of Uber Black.  Caution though – the same ride that cost me $6 using a normal car (Uber Black) cost me $18 using UberX.

What about you?  Have you used the app/service?  What is your experience?  If you want to try it out – they have a referral program that gives you a free ride (up to $20 worth) – CLICK to get it.

by Chris Doelle