If you are looking for some reason to be grateful, let me help you.

This morning within the span of about an hour, I did the following:

  • Listened to Spotify where I can stream nearly anything that was ever recorded
  • Placed and recorded a Skype call to England for my upcoming show **
  • Opened up a Google Hangout chat with programmers in India to work through some programming modifications
  • Placed and recorded another Skype call to Uganda for my upcoming show**
  • Watched a live stream of some dude walking the streets of Paris using the Periscope app
  • Phoned and recorded an interview with a gentleman driving through South Texas for Lone Star Gridiron

I don’t know about you, but this amazes me… and its my business!  We have more instant access to people throughout the world than world leaders did just a decade earlier.  We have technology at our fingertips more powerful what was used to launch the moon missions!

Yes, we actually had a phone like this

Yes, we actually had a phone like this

I can remember growing up our family had one telephone and it was on a party line.  For those of you too young to know about those, many families shared the same physical phone line but each had different numbers.  The phone would ring in every home but each number had a different ring.  (one long, two short etc.)  Depending on whose ring it was, they were supposed to be the one that picked up their receiver.  Often times the nosy neighbor would pick up all the rings and confusion would ensue.

I sit here typing on a desktop computer with thousands of times the power of the best mainframe super-computer just decades earlier – to my right is my iPad with Skype open as we continue to discuss the program we are developing – to my left is my cell phone with SMS texting open to my partner in the venture so we can discuss in private things before we question the programmers in Skype.  It is all surreal and very flippin’ cool!

“May you live in interesting times”

by Chris Doelle

** Look for my new show Lunch with Chris to come out soon.  It will feature people from all walks of life chatting with me about questions of interest to all.  They will be short shows that feature a different question each ‘season.”  The first season will ask, “If a teenager approached you for advice prior to stating his career, what advice with you give?”  I will ask a dozen or so people each season before changing the question.   The lineup of guests will run the gamut of famous people as well as unknowns.  It is going to be a blast.

If you have an idea for a good question or maybe know who would make a good guest – please share!