conman, con man, because convention man doesn't sound as cool,Going way back to my indie film days I’ve always had the goal of getting listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Database.)  However, none of the indie films I produced/directed/acted in had enough distribution to be listed.

Now, thanks to Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly, and a host of video games) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Serenity etc.) I can… well, if I fork over $10,000.

Their new project Con Man is a proposed series being promoted at Indie GoGo about former sci-fi actors making their way on the convention circuit.  I love the subtitle on the movie poster (right) Because Convention Man Doesn’t Sound As Cool. With Alan Tudyk doing the bulk of the writing, I am sure it will be witty, smart, warm and irreverent all at once.

As of this writing, the duo has raised nearly $50,000 (Expect that to rise quickly) of their $425,000 goal to fund the series.  While the Executive Producer donation level is a bit steep for me, I love their work, love the idea and hope to see Con Man become a reality.

by Chris Doelle