Apple watchColor me a luddite when it comes to new tech, but I am going to pass on the Apple watch.  To friends, that may sound like the exact opposite of me… but to close friends, it is my MO. (modus operandi) It is exactly how I roll.

I am all about tech that proves useful in my business or personal life… I just don’t want to be the one on the bleeding edge in terms of purchasing.

  • iPhone introduced June 2007 – I got mine in June 2010  (4s)
  • iPad introduced April 2010 – I got mine Aug 2014

Yes, I love my connected gadgets – I have many great gizmos that add a lot to my life – here are just  a few:

  • heart rate monitor that sends data to my iphone and the internet
  • bathroom scale that sends data to my iphone and the internet
  • cycling computer that records time, distance, speed etc.
  • cycling app that records time, distance, speed, heart rate and sends same to internet
  • Chromecast that streams audio and video to various smart devices and televisions
  • Car that connects with my devices via bluetooth and/or USB

The one thing they all have in common is that I didn’t “buy into” the device until it had been out for quite some time (average four years) and had been proven to work well.

So no, I won’t rush out and get the Apple Watch even though it has a lot of cool gizmos built in (most of which are already being handle by my iPhone and/or iPad.)  Enjoy your watch – post cool pictures – write blog posts about what works and what frustrates you… I will watch, learn and likely buy version 4 or 5 when the bugs are worked out and the price has dropped significantly.

by Chris Doelle